Movement Method: The way to lasting and positive brain solutions

Are you working with autism, ADHD, trauma, or other related neuro-differences? If so read on.

If you can activate the learning receptors of the brain, you will create physical, mental and emotional advances. Pure and simple. Movement Method will show you how to do this in a lasting way.

Once this is established we have truly effective behavioral and academic modules for you to implement. Tried and tested in 30 countries and created by neuro-scientists, special educators, autism parents, and adults with autism and other neuro-differences. All of whom have collaborated over a ten year period to create these truly optimal learning and creative modules.

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What Movement Method is: The Secret Equation Everyone Needs To Know

Human Environment + Physical Environment = LEARNING (Social, behavioral, academic brain change)

The Physical and Human Environment are the most important components. The right Physical Environment calms the nervous system and provides respite from negative sensory triggers.

An empathetic human environment that follows intrinsic motivation creates buy-in and engagement. Without these components no approach can be effective. With these components the possibilities are limitless.

To find out all the nuts and bolts of setting up the right environment, engage us in a personal online consultation, download our ebook, and check out our online courses.

Guidelines for the Physical Environment

Is your home/school/work environment full of negative sensory triggers?

If you are dealing with acute challenges resulting in extreme behaviors then chances are the answer is yes. Identifying and removing negative sensory triggers is the first step. Replacing these negative sensory triggers with positive sensory triggers is the second step.

Without this crucial beginning you cannot expect progress for the brain.

Our consultations and courses help you with this vital first step.

In a nutshell we will offer you easy to implement solutions that don’t cost much and don’t disrupt your home/work life but rather make it better. This is done by looking at man-materials which are often the main triggers and supplementing with natural materials that calm the sensory system in a way tailored to your specific environment.

We will also help you add play equipment that soaks up excess physical and nervous energy and kick-starts the learning centers of the brain thus laying the foundation for social, behavioral and academic learning.

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Guidelines for the Human Environment

Because the Human Environment is the most challenging to implement and get right, we provide the following eight guidelines. Check out our ebook to read up in more detail.

Setting Yourself Up For Success

  1. Self-Compassion: You will make mistakes and get things wrong. This guideline helps you turn mistakes into opportunities.
  2. Trust The Experts: By this we mean parents, trusted caregivers and siblings. You need to consult closely with these people.
  3. Picking Your Battles: Long-term goals are great but addressing the needs of the moment helps you get there.
  4. Follow The Child: If you don’t follow the child’s interests and obsessions, there is no reason for the child to follow you. The same applies to adults of course.

Setting The Child Up For Success

  1. Eye Contact and Attention: In short, never ask for them. And don’t assume that just because there is no obvious attention, information is not being taken in. Demanding these things is interpreted by the brain as a threat. You need to avoid threats.
  2. Humor: Always the most powerful tool for cognition, humor trains the brain in perspective-taking.
  3. Time for Innovation: The brain needs regular pauses in activity and effort in order to digest information. Make sure you build in downtime to your sessions.
  4. The Right Pressure: From time to time you can ask for a little effort and then back off. Less is more here and consulting the experts (see above) is your key to success most of the time.

Addressing Behaviors & Social Skills

From the first consultation onward, we will give you really implementable behavioral and social modules. Tried and tested over years, addressing challenges such as meltdowns, hyper-activity, potty training, speech and communication, gut and brain health, personal hygiene, aggression and many more.

These modules are not punitive and have been developed in consultation with people suffering from the same challenges and are implemented in a way that avoids shaming and actually feels fun.

In your personal consultation we can help tailor these modules to your unique situation, to get started quickly check out our available online modules on behavior and social skills on our main website: NTLS – Behaviors & Social Modules.

Stress & Coping

We give you and your family/team specific strategies for dealing with the inevitable exhaustion and burn out that every one experiences in these situations but which must be addressed if lasting positive change is going to occur. If your tank is running empty you cannot help another person. We help you find ways to recharge and cope without disrupting your tight time schedule.


From the most basic right up to pre-college level maths and science our academic modules have been designed in consultation with the University of Osnabrück in Germany, neuro-scientist, special educators and adult autists to formulate lesson plans that actually work.

Check out the videos below with a few ideas:


It’s a dangerous world out there. In order to navigate it effectively a person needs to be able to speak effectively for themselves, convince others and handle potential predators – such as online and telephone scams, fraud, Internet disinformation and so forth.

For this a critical thinking process and habit of discernment needs to be developed over years. We have been very successful with this with many people with neuro-difference who have gone through our program.

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