Most families facing autism, ADD, ADHD, eating disorders, depression, agression, and other neuro-differences often find themselves at a loss for where to begin.

We can help.

We offer a three stage approach. First is a consultation in which you tell us your specific situation and we help you understand the basic brain and nervous-system needs, challenges, and specific ways to meet them. Second step is a series of follow up consultation in which we help you create specific tailor-made activities and easy changes to your home environment – including human environment – to start effecting the positive changes in the brian and nervous system that are required.

Althought this is based on sound neuro-science, each consultation has to be tailored family by family.

The third step is to educate the family or team working with the child on how to proceed through the coming years without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars (often more!). Movement Method costs a mere fraction of this because our aim is to give you easy to apply tools that make you and your team self-sufficient as quickly as possible. This is done through a series of 3 course in Movement Method. 7 days learning in total which can be broken up into modules or delivered in blocks depending on time pressures.

After this you will have an effective tool kit of approaches for the nervous-system, brain, environment, learning, behavior, and education. You might need the odd small consultation thereafter, but most families that we have served find themselves independent and able to navigate using our tool kits pretty quickly.

Our aim is to empower you not to make you dependent on us.

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