Human Environment + Physical Environment = LEARNING

(Social, behavioral, academic)

Movement Method

Neuroscience based, but child-led, tried and tested development for the brain and nervous system. Since 2004 parents, educators, therapists, and people with neuro-psychiatric conditions themselves have been using Movement Method to ameliorate challenges such as lack of speech, or communication, meltdowns, potty training, academics, and inclusion.

Whether applied in the home, classroom, or therapeutic environment to quote Dr. Temple Grandin “Movement Method works!”

Why Do I Need Movement Method?

To address the very real challenges that come with neuro-difference, you need to go to the source of those challenges: the oversensitive nervous system and the knock on effect that triggers the fear response in the brain that shuts down learning and communication. By changing the environment, calming the nervous system, and creating the communication hormone oxytocin and the cognitive function protein BDNF (we take you through this brain science here) Movement Method not only addresses the challenges but opens up limitless possibilities for learning from the most basic to the most advanced levels.

1. The Science of Learning

Unless you know the neuro-science of learning, you will never get out of the rabbit hole. Once you know the science the way forward becomes clear.

2. The Program

Step by step: Learn how to create and apply a strategy specific for your child to reach the social, behavioral and academic goals that seem so out of reach right now.

3. Consultation

Every child is unique. Every family has its own unique context. In a 3 stage process we help you find and apply the strategies that will be effective for your child and you.


We were at our wits’ end. Our child was so extreme, we didn’t know what to do. Kids Must Move helped us create a team with family and caregivers, that turned our situation around, got our kiddo talking and learning. It was night and day. ~Autism Family, Texas

Finding Movement Method was the key to my daughters communication. They helped me transform my home environment and parenting, too: Through this my daughter found a career track which prompted us to found a center incorporating Movement Method to help other families in our situation. We have seen Movement Method work over and over again. ~Autism Family, UK

Dr. Temple Grandin (Autist and Professor of Animal Science Colorado State University) “Movement Method works!”